About Us

The Point of Healing

We believe the gain and maintenance of optimal health comes from the active management of stress,whilst supporting and feeding the mind, emotional well-being and body with proper diet,exercise and the effective treatment of pain, illness or injury. This relationship we have with our health, should be an ongoing journey in the pursuit of achieving optimal well-being and happiness.

All the treatments offered at The Point of Healing have these principles at their core. We believe that alternative medicine can and should have a prominent place within the health management of the whole family unit, as it can effectively treat multiple conditions, acute and chronic, ranging from common illnesses, to sport injuries and post-natal care.

What to Expect?

If you’re new to alternative medicine and all what it entails, don’t worry! We will be more than happy to help you decide what treatment will be best suited to your needs.

We recommend that you arrive a few minutes early to your first appointment. This will give you time to fill in your consultation form, which will give us helpful insight into your background, any current issues you have and how best to treat them. A treatment course will be then agreed with you.

A typical treatment normally starts with a discussion into what you are looking to achieve,or if you have been before, an update on how you have been feeling. We will then examine your tongue and take your pulse – both strange and interesting practices!, however, they are rather important prognostic tools in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After getting comfortable on the treatment bed, you will be treated with your agreed therapy. After your treatment, you will be left to get dressed, whist we prepare a cup of herbal tea for you to bring your experience to a close.

An average treatment lasts 40-60 minutes, whilst first treatments are 60-80 minutes, to make time for the initial consult.

Our range of treatments complement any other form of treatment, exercise programs,medication and can be tailored to any special requirements, such as pregnancy or sports or surgical injuries.

Please talk to us about what treatment plans are available and that could best suit you or your family.

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