What is Moxa?

Moxibustion is a technique, which makes use of moxa, a dried herb, where a small amount is burned like incense to warm and nourish certain points on the body, or relax muscles. It is often used in a combined treatment with Acupuncture to strengthen a treatment.

Different Moxa techniques

  • Moxa stick. One end of a moxa stick is lit and held close to an area for a few minutes, until the area warms. Moxa sticks can be smokeless.
  • On a needle. A little moxa is moulded around the head of the inserted needle. This directs heat to the point and the surrounding area.
  • Burned loose. Moxa is placed in a box, where it smokes and heats a larger area on the patient.
  • Rice grain. Tiny rice grain sized bits of moxa are placed on a point and lit. They are then snubbed before burning the skin.

Examples of what Moxa might help with:

Moxa is used to warm certain areas and Acupuncture points along the meridians of the body. This is turn stimulates circulation, which allows for a smooth flow of Qi and Blood, and nourishes the internal body (digestive, respiratory, gynaecological, etc), boosting overall immune function.

  • Pain; such as joint or muscle pain.
  • Respiratory disorders; such as coughs, chest infections, asthma, seasonal allergies
  • Digestive disorders; such as constipation, IBS, indigestion
  • Menstrual disorders; such as painful periods, amenorrhoea, endometriosis
  • To turn breech babies.
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