Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Once a booking has been accepted between The Point of Healing and the patient – both parties will have entered into an agreement for treatment, based on these Terms and Conditions. The term ‘treatment’ is used for sessions of all therapies detailed on this website.


All payments for treatments need to be made either prior to or on the day of treatment, whilst treatment plans need to be paid in full before the commencement of the first treatment. Treatment plans are tailored to be taken within a specific time period, which may differ depending on the needs of the patient. You are advised to schedule your whole treatment plan upon payment. This will ensure that you can use all the treatments within the set time. If not all the treatments are taken within the treatment plan time frame, you may lose your treatment plan discount. Most packages are tailored to be used within a 6 month period.

The Point of Healing will only offer a refund due to a valid medical reason. Please do provide a medical letter upon enquiring about a refund. Refunds may be issued, if your practitioner has cancelled the treatment plan. Any treatments that were not used will be refunded.

Payment for treatment is due in full by the end of your treatment. We only currently accepts cash payments or bank transfers, whilst we work on getting our online payment system online.


Health and wellbeing is the responsibility of every individual. Advice and treatments provided by The Point of Healing are complementary and are to be used at the discretion of the patient. All diagnosis’ will be from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view, with a main focus on encouraging and supporting the body to heal itself.

At your first consultation, please do inform your practitioner of any medical conditions you may currently have (eg. pregnancy, high blood pressure etc.) , or have had in the past. Patients are kindly asked to update their practitioner with any new developments, this is vital, as the treatment will need to be tailored in order to be delivered safely and with optimum benefit. It is each individual’s responsibility to check with their medical practitioner whether any complementary medical treatment is advisable.

All treatments offered by The Point of Healing can be used alongside conventional medical opinion or treatment.

Cancellation Policy

  • If cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, 50% of the treatment price will be charged
  • If cancelled with less than 12 hours notice, full treatment price will be charged
  • When a cancelled treatment is part of a treatment plan, the individual treatment from the plan will be charged
  • Any late arrivals will still need to finish at the arranged appointment time. Please do inform your practitioner if you are running late
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