May 28, 2018
Acupuncture for depression
March 11, 2019
Sometimes it’s difficult to know how or when to begin.  Life can be such a blank canvas.
Chatting to Cindy, the founder of The Point of Healing.  We asked.  Why did you launch The Point of Healing and why now?
She said she was initially inspired by reading about ancient Chinese Acupuncturists.  The rich paid them when they were healthy and stopped paying them when they were sick until they were well again.
This central notion of health and well being caught her imagination and the concept that this should be for everyone drove her ideals.  She took her Masters in Chinese Medicine and then wanted to be able to offer it’s benefits to the whole community.
Having taken several years to build on her experience and practice, and given some time to dedicate to getting married and having her first child, now seemed the perfect time to launch her business as a permanent practitioner in placement at venues in Streatham Hill.
We wish her good luck with this evolution of her complimentary medicine journey.  Anyone reading this get out there and turn your own dreams and ambitions into reality.

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